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Washi is the centuries old exquisite craft of handmade paper. It is mostly used on Shouji which are sliding partition screens between rooms found in traditional interiors in Japan. It is also used in luxury wrapping and in ancient art forms such as Origami. Isamu Noguchi, the globally renowned Japanese lighting designer, used exquisite Washi on his infamous designs, but they were all plain forms. His genius lay in form and design.

No one has yet incorporated anything but plain versions of Washi in lampshades. Until now. The handmade Washi paper we use is from a 300 year old family business in Japan. It is exquisite and gives a neutral delicate glow and pattern unlike any other paper lampshade on the market anywhere. 

We have five different Washi papers which offer over a dozen combinations of transparency and shape. We have four different shaped lampshade frame sets to wrap them around, and in a large variety of sizes. Edging can be in any colour, gold or silver gild leaf or even our Velvo fluffy finish. They can all be done without any edging at all for the most minimalist of looks. 

Our collection of Washi shades are worlds apart from any other paper lampshade. Anywhere.

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  • Washi Paper Clouds Lampshades
    natural handmade washi paper pendant lamp shades
    Shades by Dominic Green
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