A Journey Through Light

"My Journey: From Early Inspiration to Crafting Unique Lampshades"

Early Inspiration: My fascination with creative lighting was kindled in 1969 when, at just 5.5 years old, I found myself at an unforgettable event at the Roundhouse in Camden. It embodied the essence of the '60s in every dimension—music, vivid colors, fashion, and, most memorably, innovative lighting and visual arts. That experience left an indelible mark, sparking a lifelong passion for creative lighting.

Artistic Roots: Born in 1964, I grew up in a world of art, with my father pursuing a career as a renowned portrait painter and my mother as a sculptor. Our home in St. John's Wood, a stone's throw from Abbey Road Studios, was permeated with the scent of linseed oil, creating a backdrop of art and creativity.

Life Transitions: In 1972, my family relocated to Cambridge, and my parents' artistic careers came to an end. The vibrant memories of '60s London and the Roundhouse gradually faded until I turned 15.

Creative Freedom: A pivotal moment came when my living space transformed into a garden shed-like studio, granting me the freedom to shape my surroundings. I draped the space with drapery, posters, and an elaborate multi-light system, creating my first interior.

Global Ventures: Over the next four years, I embarked on a journey through shared flats across the world, from Cambridge to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, and eventually Nagasaki, Japan. In Nagasaki, I finally had a small flat to myself, although it came with limitations on interior design.

A Taste for Lighting: It was in Nagasaki that I encountered a design challenge—replacing a fluorescent pendant light. My quest for a modern oversized drum shade was fruitless, and I decided to craft my own, marking my initial foray into lampshade design.

Career Adventures: In 1995, I returned to the UK, launching a career in interpreting, first with Thomas Cook and later as a freelance television and production manager, working with Japanese media. It was a dynamic career that took me around the world.

Mentor and Inspiration: During this time, I met Simon Prentis, an interior enthusiast, and his wife, who had a deep appreciation for design. We worked together for over 15 years, and their interiors inspired me.

A Creative Pause: In 2013, I encountered an oversized drum shade in Cheltenham, reigniting my interest in lighting. However, it wasn't until 2019 that I embarked on a journey to create lampshades that didn't exist in the market—oversized, unique, and personalized.

A Lampshade Odyssey: Through experimentation and innovation, I honed my lampshade design, addressing issues with edging and diffusers. The COVID-19 pandemic provided me with the time to refine my ideas, resulting in patent-pending innovations.

Unveiling Unique Drum Shades: After a prolonged incubation period, my journey led to the creation of a lampshade range I am truly proud of. I'm excited to share my journey and my passion for crafting exceptional drum shades with you.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my story, which I hope has offered insight into my journey towards creating a range of drum shades that stand out in the market.