A Journey Through Light

I have only very recently been able to recognise why I have ended up with a such a passion for creative lighting. The seed was sown in me very early in life. It was 1969 with just 5.5 years on the clock when I found myself, courtesy of my mother, at an unforgettably well orchestrated and colourful private function at the Roundhouse in Camden. That event was the sixties in every dimension. The music, vivid colour, smell (not just the incense I'm sure!) fashion and most of all for me, the innovatively accented lighting was just amazing and unforgettable. The whole place was cut up into segments with dance areas, chill-out areas of all kinds, but what I remember most vividly was the carefully laid out provision of mind-soothing 'trips' that involved a journey through several conjoined rooms, each individually saturated in sound and light and lots of soft cushions. It was quite something for a five year old and it left a bigger impression on me than I could ever have imagined. 

Born in 1905, my father was in the latter stages of an illustrious career as a well-known portrait painter, my mother considerably younger. We lived in a studio in St. John's Wood just yards away from Abbey Road studios. My mother was at the time a sculptor too, so art and the ever-present smell of linseed oil was my world at home. 

Then, in 1972 we moved to Cambridge and mum & dad were finished. The images and memory of the Roundhouse party were never a consideration and lay dormant in me until I was 15.

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