EdgeFlex. Seamless Fabric Application: From Mess & Frustration to Artistic Freedom

The journey to innovation was paved with challenges. Wrapping fabric around a lampshade frame seemed simple in theory, but the reality was far from it. I endured uneven rims, fabric fraying and coming unstuck, all the while restricted to a palette of design limitations. It was clear that traditional edging techniques were holding back creative vision.

Driven by passion and an underlying incredulousness that there was nothing out there that addressed such a widespread issue that so many lampshade makers continuously complain about, I invented a revolutionary edging technology that allows the seamless application of ANY fabric type, no matter how delicate, heavy or resistant to adhesion for the first time. This breakthrough not only provided the realisation for the potential for complete artistic freedom but also solved structural issues, ensuring a flawless finish that hid imperfections and at the same time kept ANY fabric firmly in place. Say goodbye to the frustrations of yesteryear and embrace a world of limitless design possibilities.

But here's the twist – our edging technology conquers challenges that traditional methods can't. Delicate fabrics, fire retardant coatings, and adhesive limitations are no match for our innovation. While others struggle with messy glue and ineffective double-sided tape, our edging remains firm and secure, even on the trickiest textiles. It is also completely glueless and can be replaced with ease as/if/when required. This  removed the barriers to creative vision, allowing the freedom to craft lampshades without compromise.