Environmentally Friendly Magnet & Wire Suspended Diffusers: A Sustainable and Aesthetically Pleasing Dream

Our quest didn't end with just the innovative solution to the edging problem. We turned our attention to ceiling lampshade diffusers and found the market severely lacking. Frosted PVC discs were, and still are the norm, offering neither beauty nor sustainability. Needed was a solution that would elevate aesthetics, offer the most flexibility and do away with all environmentally unfriendly plastics so common in most currently accepted diffusers (crazy!). 

Enter our environmentally friendly fully height and balance adjustable magnet and wire suspended floating diffuser system. We eliminated PVC from the equation and introduced a sustainable alternative that not only respects our planet but also adds an unparalleled aesthetic warmth. Our innovations infuse lampshades with a natural and pleasing appeal, creating a harmonious play of light with fully adjustable 'floating' elegance to the pendant lampshade. With this unparalleled innovation we can create oversized ceiling lampshades that are true works of art, showcasing both the inner wall alongside a warm and inviting glow. And makes changing the light bulb or a quick 'dusting' as easy as.

We understand the frustrations and limitations you face because it was just this that drove the search for a better solution. And it was well worth it. Our personal journey ignited a passion for innovation that continues to drive us forward. We believe that creativity should never be constrained by industry norms. Join us on this journey of transformation as we revolutionize the lampshade industry.

Your dream lampshade is no longer a dream. For the first time ever, whatever you want, we can create. Seamlessly. 

Diffuser innovation 2.0 is here. At last!

lampshade light diffusers

Floating diffusers on the classic drum pendant and our three unique design registered frame-sets

lampshade light diffusers

See video for how easy it is to install our diffusers.