luxury bespoke velvet 80cm pendant lampshade

Elevate Interior Brilliance with Limitless Luxury Bespoke Lampshades

Timeless Elegance. Modern Convenience

Genuine crystal chandeliers have long stood as exquisite icons of illumination, epitomizing opulence and sophistication for centuries. However, these oversized jewelry pieces come with a prohibitive price tag, both in terms of purchase and maintenance costs.

Enter the opulent Dominic Green lampshade – your gateway to the same awe-inspiring grandeur at a fraction of the expense and with zero maintenance commitments. It's the elegant solution that delivers a lasting 'wow' factor, effortlessly.

Bespoke luxury handmade velvet lampshade


Our lampshades are more than just lighting fixtures; they're captivating works of art. Experience the unique beauty of designs crafted with unparalleled precision and love. Dual patents ensure that you or your clients enjoy not only unmatched aesthetics but also superior functionality. Discover the magic of lighting that's designed with both heart and mind.

unique paper lampshades

Innovating Light: Unveiling Our Unique Frame Shapes & Ceiling Diffusers

At the heart of our innovation lies our patented technology, which has given birth to the world's first breathtaking 'floating' ceiling light diffuser suspension system. Our commitment to excellence extends to the very materials we use, as our diffusers are meticulously handcrafted, free from plastic lamination, and available in two luxurious options: warm, unbleached natural cotton or the exquisite handmade washi paper sourced from one of Japan's most esteemed papermakers.

But our dedication to elevating your lighting experience doesn't end there. Each of our unique diffusers is elegantly suspended using a fully adjustable, invisible tri-wire and magnet system seamlessly integrated into our custom-made frames. This design not only showcases the inner lamination in a visually striking manner but also offers a vast array of choices in color, texture, and opacity.

lampshade light diffuser
lampshade light diffusers

Pioneering Excellence: The EdgeFlex Trim Advantage

At the core of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence. Our cutting-edge EdgeFlex trim, a patented innovation, represents a breakthrough in lampshade design. Each shade is meticulously tailored to your exact specifications.

Our standard offering includes a color-coated edge, ensuring a seamless blend with your decor. For those seeking a touch of luxury, our custom-made shades can be adorned with our exclusive soft Velvo finish, available in a wide range of colors. Alternatively, you can opt for a lavish touch with a 24k gold or silver leaf base for a nominal additional fee.

unique gorgeous teal flock lampshade edge detail
unique individual custom made lampshades
luxury bespoke blue lampshade
our special flock coated lampshade edge detail
bespoke custom made lampshade
our unique designer burnt orange flock lampshade edge
custom made real 24k gold leaf lampshade edge
bespoke designer corduroy drum lampshade

Explore Some of Our Stunning Collection of Oversized Pendant Lampshades

Handmade velvet ceiling pendant lampshade
stunning soft diagonal lines ceiling drum lampshade
custom design vertical 12 wave ceiling lampshade
striped corduroy bespoke stunning lamp shade
designer velvet ceiling pendant lamp shade
luxury handmade large drum lampshade
handmade velvet ceiling lamp shade


Sumptuously Fluffy, Jazzy Bold

"Embrace the Soft Elegance of Corduroy Lampshades"

During the day, our corduroy lampshades exude a soft and fluffy charm, but they truly come alive when illuminated at night. Each one is meticulously crafted to your specific needs, offering the freedom to choose any linear angle and size that suits your space.

What sets these lampshades apart is the extensive range of inner laminate patterns and colors, as well as the options for edging. Among our offerings, the off-white jumbo corduroy presents a multitude of creative possibilities. To showcase these shades at their best, we recommend satin fabric due to its excellent transparency.

Explore our illuminated variations through our light-box images by clicking on the link below.


The Icing On Top



Tailored Elegance: Lampshades as Unique as You

While the array of choices may be extensive, we are delighted to showcase a selection of our opulent silky velvet patterns alongside an array of other exquisite fabrics, wood veneers, and satins. If none of these options quite align with your vision, remember, the possibilities are virtually limitless through our special order service. We thrive on collaborating with our customers to meet their unique requirements. Whether you have a specific fabric or color in mind, we're here to craft a lampshade tailored to your desires. Regardless of fabric type or weight, we excel at sculpting seamless shades that truly embody the essence of lampshade design freedom.

Limited Edition Mood Shades for Sticks & Stands

Experience the Perfect Accent: Our medium to small lampshades are meticulously designed to infuse your space with charm and an unmistakable, eye-catching allure, adding a touch of luxury to your lamps. These are predominantly one-of-a-kind lampshades, occasionally available as pairs, owing to the limited availability of certain fabrics in small quantities and sizes.

Each piece is far from ordinary, making them truly unique and irreplaceable. To explore additional patterns and a broader range of options, please don't hesitate to inquire. Keep in mind that our extensive fabric selection extends beyond what you see here, and the lamp stands featured are for illustrative purposes only.

Japanese washi paper lampshade
luxury bespoke pure silk lampshade
colorful bespoke table lamp shade
lamp shade for table
handmade special lighting table lamp shade
bespoke handmade table lamp shade
speciality velvet fabric drum lamp shade
Handmade lampshade on large stand

Mini-Pot, Pipe & Cone Shades

small designer bespoke pendant lamp shade
small designer pot bespoke lamp shade
Custom made lampshade in Number Sixteen hotel London
bespoke lampshade in number sixteen hotel london
bespoke lampshade in number sixteen hotel london
Bespoke designer pendant lampshade

Pricing & Orders

unique bespoke lampshades

Packaging, Shipping, Exchanges & Guarantee

Delivery and Service

  • We take pride in delivering and personally fitting our products within a 25-mile radius of our base in Cambridge. For larger bespoke orders, we extend this service to a 60-mile radius and beyond, depending on the order size.
  • Within the UK, we offer a tracked delivery service at a flat rate of £15.95 for small and medium shades and £24.95 for larger shades. This rate also includes the necessary insurance to safeguard your purchase against any unlikely damage during transit.
  • For international orders, kindly reach out to us directly via email with your address, and we will provide a customized shipping quote.
  • We offer free postage and packaging (P&P) on all orders over £500.00 within the UK (Parcelforce 24), and for all other destinations, P&P is complimentary on orders over £1,000.00.

Packaging and Returns

  • Rest assured that all our shades are meticulously packaged in bespoke double-sided boxes with inserts, ensuring the secure transportation of your order and minimizing the risk of damage.
  • We understand that circumstances may occasionally warrant returns or exchanges, and we accept such requests up to 14 days from the date of delivery. This includes cases of damage during transit or instances where the product doesn't meet your satisfaction. In these situations, we offer a hassle-free return or replacement at no cost to you.
  • Our products are backed by a one-year guarantee, covering all aspects except accidental damage and any evidence of poor care. This guarantee primarily addresses issues with the magnetic system, which, under normal conditions, is unlikely to present any problems.
  • To maintain the longevity of your shades and diffusers, they are expertly coated to protect fabric fibers from absorbing dirt or moisture. Cleaning is made easy with a gentle wipe using a soft, damp cloth.