Tristique Diffuser Set

These unique and delicate diffuser sets or kits are completely universal, designed to fit any existing pendant lamp shade worldwide.

The diffusers themselves are constructed with flawlessly stretched 100% natural unbleached cotton of a weight that diffuses the glare from its source to give a perfectly even and warm glow from the bottom of your pendant shade, whether it be a drum or a French drum (with tapered edges). 

The diffuser skin is suspended using our unique patented magnetic and wire system that is fully adjustable using a hex key (included) to give a large range of height control and most importantly the ability to achieve balance perfection on the horizontal plane, every time and without exception. 

The result of the installed kit on your pendant shade is a fully floating diffuser. The mechanism and wires are not at all visible and there are no give away shadows. It is also exceptionally effortless and quick to change the bulb when necessary. 

There is nothing else like these anywhere and they will transform your existing pendant shade and the light it gives out while very visibly adding a sophistication in design to your shade.   

These will be on sale soon so that everyone can enjoy these beautiful delights under their shades. Please enquire should these kits be of any interest in the meantime. They can be made to any diameter from 20cm and in 5cm increments up to 60cm. This range covers almost all existing pendant shades, but we can also do larger if required for those extra huge drums!