Corduroy Colour Options & Inner Laminate (for white cord only) Variations Palette

Also available in white and silver satin or plain white paper for a neutral effect. The choice of lightbulb alone will dictate the coolness/warmth of linear glow. 

1. Fresh Gold Satin     2. Ivory Satin     3. Light Green Satin     4. Light Blue Satin
5. Violet Blue Satin     6. Emerald Green Satin     7. Burnt Orange Satin  
8. Rose Red Satin     9. Swirly Satin     10. Rainbow Satin     11. Pastel Clouds Satin


All pictures above are with our Milky White Jumbo Cord ONLY.

Please note that there will be variations in colour and tone to the actual shades due to variations in lightbulb warmth choices. All pics above have been taken in the middle between cool and warm light.

If what you want isn't pictured then please enquire. While I have a wide range of options, there are so many more, especially in the patterned satins.

Corduroy Outer Colour Variation Options

Mustard Jumbo Cord (below)


Lime Green Thin Cord (below)


Lime Green Jumbo Cord (below)